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image This season just doesn’t stop! NW Direct is fast becoming one of my favorite lines at Bridger. This season it has skied SO well. This gem is located at the extreme north boundary of Bridger Bowl. Walk past Hidden Gully and you’ll see the patrol’s (rescue?) cable on your right. Keep going to the end of the cable and it is the large gully beneath you. Most years you are lucky if you are able to billy goat your way down it. This year things are a little better. Thanks to La Nina, the entire mountain is shellacked with snow allowing you to fluidly link turns all the way through. It’s an intense shot that makes me feel very small when I drop in. I fought my way through the 60mph wind on the ridge line to make it out there today, but as usual it was worth the hike. I like to drop in on the right side, but you can try you luck on the left side as well. The lip drops away quickly at 55 degrees, meaning it is well above your head before you even get your skis around for the first turn. After 5 or 6 turns it mellows out so you can line your skis up for the choke. Let ‘em rip and check you speed in the sluff pile at the top of NW passage. And remember to tell that onlooker that you are the raddest skier on the mountain before linking turns down the 1000 vertical feet of powdery goodness. Sidenote: I dug a pit today out in Bradley’s and there is 3.3M of snow! And it is bomber!!! There is a weak(er) layer down about a meter but I couldn’t get it to go without popping my shovel in behind it. Might be something to look for if you are taking the sleds out though.